Brand Positioning & Innovation

Working closely with the client to understand their business, I helped define a site structure and information hierarchy. I then worked up wireframes and prototypes to show how their huge set of detailed content could be organised in a way that was simple and easy to navigate.

Packaging Design

After finalising work on the new global brand positioning for Grimbergen, we were tasked with showcasing this change in the form of an inspirational brand film. The intent of this film is to bring excitement and awareness internally to the new positioning, and provide a launching platform for the strategy to be implemented.

For this part of the project, I worked from start to finish directly with the client, producing initial storyboards, writing the scripts, pulling together and editing the footage, and choosing an appropriate soundtrack to compliment the story we are telling. We tell the story of Grimbergen's unique beginnings, starting with the monks of Grimbergen Abbey, and how that has influenced the exciting new chapter the brand is embarking on today.